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Global Health at UO is the interdisciplinary study of population and public health in international perspective. Our approach to Global Health is holistic and critical, centering the social determinants of health and health disparities, inequalities in access to health and medical care, historical processes shaping contemporary global health, institutional actors in Global Health, health policy and health organizations, and cultural influences on health and illness experiences. Global Health affiliated faculty at UO engage in research as diverse and varied as bioethical research, bicultural analyses of stress biomarkers, historical analyses of health interventions and disease prevention campaigns, sociological studies of racial/ethnic determinants of health, narrative analyses of health and mental health cross-culturally, and psychological research on healthy development across the life-course. Students in the Global Health Program at UO are exposed to diverse disciplinary approaches to research and practice in Global Health through core and elective coursework in the social and natural sciences and humanities. Students also complete a required global health field experience or internship.

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