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Minor Requirements

The Global Health minor consists of two required courses (8 credits) and four elective courses (16 credits) for a total of 24 credits, as described below.


Required Core Courses

INTL 340 – Global Health and Development
DEPT 4XX – Field Experience/Internship****

****The Global Health field experience/internship requirement is designed to be flexible and accommodate students’ various interests within the minor program of study. Students may seek out a local, national, or international public or private (NGO) organization at which to conduct their internship/field experience. This means the experience/internship may be conducted in Oregon, the U.S., or anywhere around the world, but it must have a global/public health focus. Students may seek out a faculty advisor affiliated with the Global Health program with whom to conduct field research or another form of independent, experiential study, under faculty advisement. Examples could include: internship with the Lane County Public Health Department, a UO Study Abroad Program, such as the Ghana Global Health program, or research in a UO faculty lab or on a UO faculty member’s research project. Students should seek guidance on the internship from the Undergraduate Advisors in PLC 304, from their faculty advisors, and/or from the Global Health Program Director prior to enrolling in their internship / field experience credits.

Required Electives

8 credits of Social Sciences/Humanities Electives**
8 credits of Natural Sciences Electives**

**See courses page for list of approved course lists

  • All courses taken for the minor must be taken for a letter grade, with the exception of the 4XX course
  • Courses applying to the minor must be passed with a C- or above
  • One introductory course in Global Health and Development, INTL 340 (4 credits)
  • One 4xx level field experience/internship course (4 credits, taken P/NP)
  • Two courses from the Social Sciences and Humanities (8 credits) and two courses from the Natural Sciences (8 credits)
  • 24 Credits are required for the minor, with a minimum of 12 upper division credits
  • A maximum of 12 credits in a single department (including major department) will count towards the GH minor. No more than 3 courses with the same subject heading.
  • Twenty credits for the minor must be taken in residence.
  • Any substitutions must be approved by the GH Minor Program Director

Download the Global Health Minor planner

Download the Field Experience/Internship Approval Form

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